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A simulation environment for software bacteria

The Windows Phone 8 GUI has made its way to the App Store! (

Cool but... what is its purpose?
It's fun.

It would be nice if it <add whatever feature or improvement you like>. Why don't you do that?
Because of time.

Ok, you are not that helpful. What are the rules, anyway?
Super simple:
  • cyanobacteria (the green ones) are able to produce their own food out of the resources available in the environment (you can set the amount of resources in the desktop GUI). As long as there are resources available, they use them to increase their mass. They just travel in straight lines and do not like to overlap to each other so, if they touch one another, they try to work their way around.
  • Accidentaly, the only way that a Fagobacterium (the red one) has to survive, is to eat some green bacteria since, otherwise, it loses mass as time passes by. By eating, it increases his mass by the mass of the bacterium eaten. But keep in mind that a red can eat a green only if his mass is greater than the mass of the green.
  • Each kind grows up to a certain size, then it duplicates into two child bacteria. The mass of the parent is randomly splitted across the children.
  • Every green always runs away from the nearest red one.
  • Every red always chases the nearest green one.

I do not understand
I know, my English is bed. Feel free to open the source code to find out more.

P.S.: I do not know if the word "fagobacterium" even existed but, in this case, now it does.

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